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What To Consider Before Starting a Rooftop Development Project

As an innovative way to create more high-quality residential space in the capital, rooftop development has become one of the most popular options. Since it utilises existing, unused space, it’s a creative solution to an ever more pressing problem.

However, when embarking on a project like this, there are multiple key considerations to keep in mind and work through with a professional company such as London Penthouse. 

We’re always here to discuss all aspects of your rooftop development, and this month, we’re providing an easy guide to these early considerations to help steer your project in the most practical direction.

What to consider before an airspace development project | London Penthouse

Initial feasibility study

The very first thing you should do when looking at options for rooftop development is to have a feasibility study carried out. Not only will this look at how the physical elements and structure of your building need to be addressed, but it will also take into account the project’s economic viability, establishing budgeting and the potential return on the investment.


Local regulations and planning permission

If the structure of your building is suitable, you’ll next want to think about any local regulations and planning permission requirements that might be in place for your area. Two other legal aspects to keep in mind are: 

  • the tenant’s right of first refusal, which involves the matter of whether current tenants occupying the property have a right to refusal 
  • and the right to light, which concerns the right to direct sunlight for the other buildings surrounding yours


Design considerations

Keeping your building’s appearance and design in line with the existing structure and the surroundings is important for a harmonious outcome. From the materials and colour scheme applied, to the full height and shape of the new structure, it’s vital that you engage the services of a professional architect to achieve the desired finish for your development.

Design considerations for a rooftop development project | London Penthouse

Accessibility and fire safety

Crucial to any new development, accessibility should be considered in terms of the provisions you intend to make, such as lifts and staircases that may need adjustments. Alongside this, fire safety is also paramount, which is why we only work with trusted fire consultants here at London Penthouse. These two aspects of your airspace development ensure that safety and practicality concerns are addressed for everyone.


Environmental impact and sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability should be at the forefront of any new development. This includes considering energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, developments that include green spaces or ‘green roofs’ can help to improve air quality.

Thankfully, airspace development itself will help towards a more sustainable future, avoiding the need to identify new land to develop.


Insurance and legal considerations

Finally, in some circumstances, there might be legal aspects to consider for your project, like lease agreement adjustments or new agreements – the latter will certainly be needed for your new penthouse flats. In addition to this, insurance will be required for the construction phase of your development.


Working alongside you, at London Penthouse we help to simplify the process of developing your airspace. We can navigate each of the above considerations with you, as well as any other specialist requirements. For sustainable construction and services that meet stringent acoustic and fire safety standards, there is no one better.

Let’s work together to establish the viability of your airspace for development in London, with our team on hand to share experience and guidance for every phase. Call or fill in our form and we’ll be in touch.


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