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What is Airspace Development

Airspace development is the conversion of the space above the roof of a building into new residential accommodation.

Depending on the legal structure of the ownership of the building, the airspace may be owned by the freeholder, shared by all of the leaseholders or owned by the top-floor flats, so it is important to consult a specialist in airspace development before progressing with a project.

With pressure to create new places to live within London and a shortage of vacant plots, airspace construction is now the ideal solution for so many suitable buildings in the capital.

The Airspace Development Process

When working alongside us, here’s what you can expect from our process as the five main stages:

Consultation and evaluation

We meet with you face to face to discuss the viability and logistics of the development, along with what you would like to achieve. This is where we answer your queries, but you can always chat with us at any point during the project.

Offer and legal agreement

Once we have reviewed the existing property and its viability for supporting airspace development, we will submit an offer or proposal for how we would structure a deal. This may be an outright purchase of the airspace, a joint venture or other agreement depending on the scheme and the freeholder’s preference. Should you choose to progress with development, we will have a simple legal agreement drawn up outlining the key points of the agreement to protect the interests of all parties. This document will be drawn up and agreed upon between our legal team and your solicitor, with London Penthouse covering all legal costs.

Design and planning

Our professional team of designers, architects and structural engineers will generate plans, secure planning permission and ensure the development will comply with fire regulations and acoustic testing.

On-site or off-site construction

We will implement a bespoke construction solution to suit the needs of each individual project. By constructing the rooftop scheme off site, there is minimal disruption to those living or working in your building and the installation can be carried out swiftly once all the structures are ready to be put in place. Alternatively, should we carry out the development traditionally on site, we will do our best to mitigate noise and disruption to residents and adhere to the regulations of the respective council.

Sales and after-sales

We also take care of any sales and after-sales work to help freeholders and buyers alike.

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