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How Airspace Development Could Add Value to Your London Property

Airspace development is an exciting opportunity to add significant value to your London property. By adding additional floors to an existing building, you can transform your property into a modern and desirable space that will appeal to potential buyers or renters.

This month at London Penthouse, we’re going to explore the ways in which airspace can add value to your London property, examining the topic from multiple angles. 

How airspace development could add value to your London property | London Penthouse


Improvements to the building façade

One way that airspace development can add value to your property is by enhancing the appearance of the building façade. A sleek and modern exterior that catches the eye of passers-by makes a statement on the London skyline, updating the look of your building. Airspace development can make this vision a reality for you and all the residents living in the property.


Enhancements to internal communal areas

In addition to improving the appearance of the building façade, airspace development can also provide an opportunity to upgrade internal communal areas such as hallways, stairwells and lifts. These improvements can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike, keeping them happy while also making your property more desirable to potential buyers or tenants. 

Interested in turning your unused airspace into a modern, idyllic, rooftop terrace? Get in contact with our London consultants today via our online contact form or by giving us a ring on 020 3872 4874


Increased property value

By adding additional floors to your building through airspace development, you can increase the overall square footage of your property. This can result in a significant increase in the value of your property, as larger living spaces typically command higher prices on the London property market in general. The potential return on investment that airspace development could provide, therefore, is worth the investment.

New penthouse built through airspace development | London Penthouse

More rental opportunities

With more practical, residential living space comes more rental opportunity. Not only does adding floors to your building help towards easing housing issues in London, but it also means new apartments or flats can be rented to additional tenants. This will provide you with another income stream while also increasing the value of your property.

Get in contact with our London consultants today via our online contact form or by giving us a ring on 020 3872 4874

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Right now, everyone is taking more time to consider energy efficiency and how their property can impact both energy costs as well as the planet. Similarly, people are more connected with where products and materials in the building process are sourced from. At London Penthouse, we utilise the latest building techniques and materials to create energy-efficient living spaces. We also use timber from certified sustainable forests and recycle as much as 93% of our construction waste. All of this adds up to an investment in the future and makes your property more attractive to future buyers and potential tenants.

Modern living area built through an airspace development project at Coronation Court, North London | London Penthouse

Capitalising on Panoramic Views

Properties with scenic views are highly sought-after and command premium prices. Airspace development allows property owners to capitalise on breath-taking views by constructing rooftop terraces & floor to ceiling glass doors. By leveraging the property’s height advantage, these views can become a selling point, appealing to discerning buyers or tenants willing to pay a premium for such unique features.


In conclusion, airspace development is a fantastic way to add value to your London property. By improving the appearance and functionality of your building and increasing its overall square footage, you can attract more buyers or renters and command higher prices on the property market.

Find out more about the possibilities that airspace development could unlock for you and your property by contacting our team at London Penthouse today.

Alternatively, explore and learn more about us to discover how we’re combining modern and innovative techniques to deliver style, luxury and convenience for freeholders, leaseholders and tenants alike.


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