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Rooftop Extensions: Creating More Sustainable Homes for London

London is a vibrant and ever-evolving capital that attracts people from around the world every year — so much so that it’s already home to almost 10 million people. 

That figure, of course, is constantly growing, which means there is a significant challenge to accommodate everyone. Demand for housing in London means prices tend to grow year on year, and while we’ve seen a recent dip in prices, they remain high compared to the national average. So what is the solution?

One increasingly popular option is rooftop extensions, a sustainable home solution that has been made easier by changes to upward extension permitted development rights. This month at London Penthouse, we’re going to explore the positive benefits that rooftop development – sometimes known as airspace development – can have in London for everyone, from homeowners to the wider community.

Modern living area built through an airspace development project at Coronation Court, North London | London Penthouse

Maximising limited space

London is a city where space has long been at a premium, so rooftop extensions are a unique opportunity to maximise the space already in use. Extending properties upwards retains the precious green spaces inside and outside of London, preventing a continuous urban sprawl.


Sustainable urban growth

An investment in rooftop extensions is an investment in sustainable urban growth in several ways. First, as mentioned previously, it makes use of underutilised space to reduce the need for construction on greenfield sites. Secondly, because rooftop developments can make use of the latest sustainable technologies and materials, both the method of construction and the finished homes are much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 


Addressing the housing crisis

The housing crisis in London is no secret — a lack of new residential developments affects everyone because of the pressure it puts on the market. The extension of rooftop spaces on existing buildings is not only a great way to construct more accessible housing in the capital, but it also alleviates the pressure on infrastructure and transport networks that would otherwise have to be created if developing more commuter towns.


Improving quality of life

From homeowners who can enjoy being in London with more living space to the other residents in the building who can expect upgraded communal areas thanks to remedial works, everyone benefits. Even those who don’t live in the building will benefit, as the green spaces around them can be preserved and appreciated instead of being developed for homes.


Enhancing communities

Rooftop extensions have a positive effect on entire neighbourhoods. This is because the existing tenants and leaseholders will see investment in their buildings, lifting the standards for so many in the area. Plus, the finished aesthetic of the building, using designs that complement existing structures, further boosts the look of the area and the value of properties.

Our partners in airspace development | London Penthouse

Preserving historic charm

One of the great things about London is the character of its buildings. With a rich architectural heritage, it’s important to preserve and upgrade the infrastructure we have for generations to come. Rooftop extensions offer a harmonious way to meet modern demand for residential space while keeping the charm of buildings intact and often improving the property through hardscaping and softscaping work.

At a time when rapid population growth and a desire to live in London remain high, sustainable solutions are vital. Rooftop development means that existing residents and leaseholders, along with those seeking new residential apartments, can benefit. At London Penthouse, we embrace innovative development techniques, such as off-site construction, to create luxury living spaces that help London continue to thrive as a world-class city. 

If you want to learn more about rooftop extensions and whether one would be feasible for your building, we’re always happy to hear from you. Enquire online today or call us 020 3872 4874 and let’s build a better future for London together.

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